Research & Contributions

・Fujishiro,H., Mimizuka,K., and Saito, M. (2020). Why Doesn’t Fact-Checking Work? The Mis-Framing of Division on Social Media in Japan. In International Conference on Social Media and Society (SMSociety’20). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 309–317. DOI:

・Mimizuka, K. (2020). Rethinking Media Literacy in The Age of Online Disinformation: A Review of Global Discourse and Challenges. Socio-Informatics 8(3) 29-45.

・ “How one team debunked misinformation around Japan’s lower-house election” – Nov 18 2017 – First Draft News

・”Life after the Tsunami vol.1: A Collection of The Otsuchi Mirai Shimbun News Reports (English Edition)” – E-book available via amazon

・”A Fellow Rooftop Refugee Waved and Smiled, “You, too?” While the Tsunami Swept Us Away” – the original story in Japanese was translated into English by batgirlnews

・ A series of my contributions to The Japan Times